Monday, September 30, 2019

Hello October!

Here's the October 2019 calendar for you to use on your blog or website, or even print out to put in your daily planner. Celebrate the changing of the seasons! Welcome October and all of the possibilities of autumn . . . . 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sew, Knit, Crochet - Yarn & Fabric + HM #251

What a fun theme this is for me! Since I've been sewing for most of my life, I was really looking forward to finding a few new sewing projects to inspire me to get busy out in my sewing room again. OOPS! First I have to clean it up after having a bunch of summer projects, extended family staying with us for a couple of months, and all of the "junk" that ended up in a corner while we were doing all those other things.

At the top of my To Do list is to sort through all of the fabric scraps and boxes of sewing supplies, and THEN I can start a new sewing project . . . or two, or three, or more . . . so it will be a good thing to get reorganized in that department. This week's Home Matters Linky Party #251 is focused on projects to sew, knit, or crochet so I'm ready to get busy - just as soon as I finish this blog post! #Sew #Knit #Crochet #HomeMattersParty

Take a peek at some of the adorable sewing ideas I found and I think you'll be inspired to make a few autumn-themed projects for your home and family . . . . 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pretty Autumn Home Decor from the TFT Party

The other day I went out to pick up the old summer flower pots with their faded, straggly blooms so I could get everything cleaned up and ready for my autumn decorations. Even though most of the summer flowers weren't technically "dead," and I have still been watering them regularly, about this time of year they start to get really yucky looking. Even my pretty impatiens that bloom all summer long are looking rather weary.

As I was working out on the deck (the one we painted this spring . . . well, actually the only one we have!), I was sweeping up a bunch of leaves that had blown down in the most recent rain / wind storm and noticed that most of those leaves left brown stains on my beautiful light blue deck. I got out the hose to wash it all down, but those stains didn't budge.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Journey of the Heart

This has been a year of journeys for our family. Not journeys that took us far away from home, but journeys of the heart. Even though I’ve been a mama long enough to have learned that they all eventually grow up and go on with their lives the way God has planned for them, it is still a challenge for me to let them go. That has been a major journey for me over the past many months, and I am still adjusting.

Our oldest daughter at home will soon be 19 years old. She graduated from high school in the spring and she has recently started taking college classes. At the minute, she still lives at home, works two jobs, and commutes to her classes. But it is just not the same as when she was my little girl.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Autumn Style Giveaway and H&M

Here's another amazing giveaway from Katherine's Corner!

You will love this prize, an H&M gift card! Yes, if you are the lucky winner you can shop for some Autumn style for you and your home. H&M has so many affordable things to choose from. You can transition your home or your wardrobe easily.
You can find lovely clothes, stylish storage and more to welcome Autumn Style.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Chocolate Chips, Let's Celebrate! + HM #250

 Let's celebrate the versatility of chocolate chips! What's your favorite recipe? Plus link up at Home Matters. #ChocolateChips #HomeMattersParty

Does it seem strange to you that chocolate isn't everyone's favorite? When we make a recipe with chocolate chips, it seems that we almost always have some other main ingredient to go along with it. Of course, there are old fashioned chocolate chip cookies which every seems to love . . . and the white chocolate chip cookies are also a favorite. But when it comes to other types of sweets or desserts, we prefer chocolate mint, chocolate cherry, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate coconut or some other variation or combination. For this week's Home Matters Linky Party #250 theme of chocolate chips, I went searching for some old favorites and new inspiration. #ChocolateChips #HomeMattersParty

I have a recipe for French Mint Bars that has been a family favorite for over 30 years, so I decided to start with that as part of this week's round-up. Then I came across the chocolate mint candy recipe, along with several chocolate chip peanut butter recipes for bars, pie, and even little "cookie bites." I'm pretty sure the French Mint Bars will still be a family favorite, especially at Christmas time, but I think that peanut butter chocolate chip pie looks like something that would go over great in my family. What's your favorite chocolate chip recipe? I would love to have you share it at this week's Home Matters Linky Party. See you there!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

More Autumn Inspiration for the TFT Party!

Even though we are so ready for autumn, this week summer insists on hanging around! It was really hot and humid here the past couple of days, and it looks like we'll be getting some rain tomorrow. With autumn just around the corner, I am looking forward to doing some baking and getting our autumn home decor out. I'm definitely not looking forward to winter and snow, but can't wait for the cool days of autumn, the beautiful leaves drifting down, and the smell of pumpkin spice everything all around.

Here are a few of the fun ideas that I discovered from last week's TFT party that I wanted to share with you. Be sure to stop by and visit the original bloggers and let them know that you found them through the TFT party. I hope to connect with you all again this week! Still looking for more autumn inspiration, so show me what you've got going on in your little corner of the world. Have a great week and don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the season!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Vintage Mama's Famous Meat Loaf

OK, so maybe it's not actually "famous" to anyone except my little family . . . but still, I've made meatloaf pretty much the same way for a really long time, and my family loves it! It's pretty simple, made with just ordinary ingredients that we almost always have on hand, so it's one of those things that when I just can't come up with a creative alternative, everyone around here is happy with Mama's Meatloaf.

I got to thinking about meatloaf the other day (I know, my days are filled with so much excitement!) when I read an article about how Baby Boomers still do a bunch of junk that millennials find . . . . maybe the word was "revolting" or at least "unpleasant." So, of course, I had to read THAT article, especially since my hubby and I are really that old!