Friday, July 26, 2019

Summertime Treasures from the TFT Party

Every week there are so many creative and inspiring blogs that link up to the TFT party that it is hard to choose just a few to feature.

This week I was looking for some sweet summery ideas and look what I found!

I hope you will join us each week for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop and Linky Party and be sure to leave us a comment so we know where to find you for a future feature.

Have a great summer day wherever you are!

Stencil Crafts Ideas and Inspiration + HM #243

Many years ago (and I mean MANY years ago!), shortly after I learned how to quilt, I came across the idea of stenciling on fabric to make quilt blocks and then quilting around the stenciled image. That was back in the day when stenciling on walls and everything else was the home decor trend of the time. So now you know how long ago that really was!

I think it was when I had a newborn or was expecting one of my older children that I decided to make a stenciled teddy bear quilt in shades of green and ivory (you know, that was when green was a really popular color for home decor, too), I think because I might not have known if the next baby would be a boy or a girl. So green seemed like a good choice. Of course, that was back in the day when we had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl before the baby's actual arrival day.

None of these awesome "gender reveal" parties for us. Just wait and see! So when this week's theme of stencil crafts for the Home Matters Linky Party #243 came along, it brought back some fun memories of making that stenciled / quilted baby blanket. #StencilCrafts #stencils #HomeMattersParty

Blogging - What's it all about anyway?

The other day I wrote a blog post about how blogging has changed over the years. I was rather surprised that several people responded to that post, acknowledging that they, too, had observed the changes. Some changes are good, but others have not made the blogging journey very fun. Which, of course, if you aren’t blogging for fun, then you might not care much about that. But some of us started out blogging as a personal expression of our lives, our families, our day-to-day journeys, and we loved reading about each other’s experiences.

Over time, we started sharing our favorite recipes, or our latest DIY project; some of us blogged about our adoption journey, or our parenting experiences, our homeschooling adventures, our favorite thrift shop treasures, and other rather mundane, ordinary “stuff.” We encouraged one another and we learned from each other. We weren’t actually trying to sell anyone anything; we just were having fun connecting with new “friends” from across the country and around the world.