Friday, July 26, 2019

Blogging - What's it all about anyway?

The other day I wrote a blog post about how blogging has changed over the years. I was rather surprised that several people responded to that post, acknowledging that they, too, had observed the changes. Some changes are good, but others have not made the blogging journey very fun. Which, of course, if you aren’t blogging for fun, then you might not care much about that. But some of us started out blogging as a personal expression of our lives, our families, our day-to-day journeys, and we loved reading about each other’s experiences.

Over time, we started sharing our favorite recipes, or our latest DIY project; some of us blogged about our adoption journey, or our parenting experiences, our homeschooling adventures, our favorite thrift shop treasures, and other rather mundane, ordinary “stuff.” We encouraged one another and we learned from each other. We weren’t actually trying to sell anyone anything; we just were having fun connecting with new “friends” from across the country and around the world.
So I’ve been pondering what I’m really doing out here these days in blog land. What is blogging all about these days? It is fun to discover new blogs with great recipes or crafts, or inspirational posts or devotionals. But sometimes it is so annoying when I click on a link to read a new recipe and there are so many ads and videos that it takes an age just for everything to download. Now, it could be that my internet speed is the culprit. But I’m pretty sure my internet is OK, since I teach online classes to children on the other side of the world and I never have internet slow downs when I’m talking to a seven-year-old in Shanghai or a 10-year-old in Beijing.
I don’t mean to be negative, I’m just re-evaluating my place in the blogging world these days. After all, I am a “Vintage Mama” and perhaps the stuff I’m blogging about or the stuff I want to read about is not fashionable or trendy these days. I really don’t know . . . but blogging takes a lot of time, energy, and effort and when it’s no longer a fun way to connect with other people around the world, I have to decide why I’m still doing it.
I really wish that blogging was more like it used to be, and that we could really find connections and not just drop a link and run off to the next party. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned, but I like to make friends. I hope you do too!

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