Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hello September - Autumn is in the air!

Our summer has just flown right on by! My daughter said to me the other day, "Mom, doesn't it seem like summer lasted about one week???" Well, yes . . . and no, actually. It really did zoom right past me, it seems, but then when I think about everything that we did, it kind of feels like it lasted a very long time! 

Between end-of-school activities, graduation ceremonies and parties, and extended family staying for a couple months, and getting ready to start college activities - we packed a ton of stuff into this summer. Not to mention all of the work we did in our yard and garden, including painting the deck and gazebo and cleaning up a couple of garden areas. It seemed to fly by because we were busy, very busy, just about every single day, all summer long.

Now that one of our kiddos is off to college (but still living at home . . . you know, $$$$$$$) and the last one in high school, it is rather quiet around here during the day. And just the past couple of days I could sense a bit of autumn in the air when I took our doggie for a walk. So all in all, I guess I am looking forward to autumn and a change of scenery. 

But I did read the other day that we are supposed to have a very cold and snowy winter, so I'm definitely NOT ready for winter. But I am ready for cooler days with bright blue skies and fluffy clouds, or even gray, dreary, rainy days, but snow . . . not yet! 

For now, here is a pretty September calendar for you. I have so much fun making these cute calendars each month for RUBY magazine that I just have to share them here, too. If you want to use this calendar, just right click on the image and "Save as image" to your computer. Then, you can use it on your blog or website, or even print it out and put it in your daytimer / planner. That's what I do, just because it makes my planner really pretty!

And don't forget to be watching for the September issue of RUBY magazine, available next week here at Vintage Mama's Cottage and over on the brand-new, beautifully updated RUBY blog. Hope you are having a great week and that you, too, are ready to welcome autumn!

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