Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pumpkin Spice Bread

Even though it is still technically summer, about this time every year, we are all ready for autumn . . . more specifically, we are looking forward to pumpkin spice! The other day our college-bound kiddo asked, "Mom, can you make some pumpkin bread?" Well, of course, I would be delighted to make you some pumpkin bread!

I got out the old, old Betty Crocker Cookbook with the tea bread recipe that I've used for many years to remember what adjustments I would need to make for pumpkin bread. This is a great recipe that you can use for banana bread, apple bread, plain ol' quick bread, pumpkin bread and pretty much anything else you might want to stir into the batter.
Then I thought it might be fun to check out some other recipes for pumpkin bread and I found (of course!) about a gazillion different ways to bake up a loaf of pumpkin bread. Some with walnuts, some with a streusel topping, some with raisins or other additions. 

So, in the middle of making about a hundred phone calls yesterday I finally got the pumpkin bread in the oven in the late afternoon. We had to run out to a neighborhood meeting at the church around the corner, and when we got home, it was ready to try a hot, fresh slab of yummy pumpkin bread. That's what both girls wanted for breakfast this morning, too.

I guess it was a hit, and it was actually not difficult to do. We just need to remember to keep a few cans of pumpkin in the pantry and then I can make up a loaf or two any time we are thinking about pumpkin spice. Of course, we will be sure to have pumpkin spice creamer for our coffee for the next few weeks!

The days of late summer can be bittersweet, but with the anticipation of pumpkin spice everything, we will carry on and celebrate the joys of every season. Well, it might be challenging to celebrate the coming of winter, but I'll do my best to remain optimistic that every season will have its joys and beauty. Here are a few of the pumpkin bread recipes I found . . . . I know you will want to make your own pumpkin bread soon!

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Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance said...

Hi Nina! Thank you so much for sharing these yummy recipes at the TFT party! You are speaking my favorite Season's language! Featuring you this week at the new party! Hugs and love,