Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pretty Autumn Home Decor from the TFT Party

The other day I went out to pick up the old summer flower pots with their faded, straggly blooms so I could get everything cleaned up and ready for my autumn decorations. Even though most of the summer flowers weren't technically "dead," and I have still been watering them regularly, about this time of year they start to get really yucky looking. Even my pretty impatiens that bloom all summer long are looking rather weary.

As I was working out on the deck (the one we painted this spring . . . well, actually the only one we have!), I was sweeping up a bunch of leaves that had blown down in the most recent rain / wind storm and noticed that most of those leaves left brown stains on my beautiful light blue deck. I got out the hose to wash it all down, but those stains didn't budge.


After putting out a few of my autumn decorations, switching out the wreath on the deck door, and adding a couple of outdoor lanterns to the arrangement, I started thinking about what I could do to clean off those stains. 

In the kitchen I had a spray bottle of that all-purpose cleaner with bleach, so I decided to spray a bit on one of the stains to see if it would take off the stain - and leave the paint the same color as the rest of the deck. We have a long-handled scrub brush that we used to clean the shutters and the siding this past spring, so I scrubbed the stain a bit and POOF! Those ugly brown stains were gone! 

I still have a few more places I want to spray and finish scrubbing this weekend, but now my beautiful blue deck looks shiny clean again, and I'm hoping to pick up a few more chrysanthemums and pumpkins (and maybe a new wreath as the one from the past couple of years is rather bedraggled looking). Then we'll be all ready for autumn!

So of course I was looking at all the beautiful autumn decorations, recipes, and wreaths from last week's TFT party and wanted to share a few of them with you this week. I hope you will stop by and visit some of the bloggers who party with us each week - and be sure to tell them that Vintage Mama sent you! Have fun at the party and have a great weekend!


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